Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to update and insert database records without writing code?

Update Database Records

Creating Entries in Table when Table Maintainence is not allowed.
First set break points to both the includes LSD41F01 for case df-ddxx-mainflag and for include LSETBU03 set break point to if dd02l-mainflag = 'N'.

Now go to SE11 tcode and give the table name and press display now debug will start and take you to the case mentioned below.

CASE df-ddxx-mainflag.
during debug change the value to 'X'
and press F8 Now it will take you to the next include

if dd02l-mainflag = 'N'.
Here set the value to 'X'.Now it will take you to the creation of table entries and we can give the required entries.

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